Just a little bit about myself and my spiritual path ...... Like many Pagans that I have met in the last couple of years, I was raised Christian (somewhere between "Born Again" and Baptist) but always felt like I never quite fit in.  In my late teens, I decided that I did believe in a higher power, but was unwilling to accept that there was a single god that could be wholly defined by a mainstream religion.  So, not being aware of Paganism at the time, I decided that agnostic was the way to go. I'd always been fascinated by things considered "occult" and really got into astrology (including doing my own natal chart).  Since then, I've studied herbs for use as alternatives to lab-created medications.  A number of years back, I came across some pagan forums.  It was such a relief to find like minded folks and a plethora of potential religious practices more closely suited to my beliefs than the "mainstream" religions I'd previously been exposed to. I've since begun dealing with crystals and herbs, and use them for both their healing energies and their magical properties.  I love working with crystals and have been using crystal beads to make ritual jewelry, prayer chains, and everyday jewelry.  In 2011 I was introduced to the Mayan Light Language grids and use them frequently in my energy work.  In 2012 I received my first Reiki attunement and completed my Master’s level training in early 2013. I like being around wild places, the ocean or the forest being my favorites …… fortunately hubby likes camping and hiking as much as I do and its so much fun to find a dirt road and follow it wherever it leads. I love animals (I have lots of fish (4 tanks full!), a bird, and a dog) and chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate?), quiet evenings at home with my family, and rainy, cool days (weekend of course) so I can have a fire going and curl up with a good book. I don't like California drivers (cell phone or not, they make me crazy), spammers, solicitors of any type, brussels sprouts or canned meat (yuck!).