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The following sites are listed as general financial reference starting points ...especially good if you are new to finance sites on the web. In addition, there is a separate section for younger investors.


Financial Starting Points for the Younger Investor

(also for the young-at-heart or beginning investor)

NAIC is committed to investor education, and so a wide variety of resources are available for individuals and clubs to aid in learning about investing in common stock. Whether you're new to investing, or a successful old-timer, NAIC has something to offer.


This site is a way for kids to learn the fundamentals of money and investing in a comfortable, familiar and interactive environment. The Young Investor Web Site was developed by Liberty Financial Companies, a Boston-based asset management company and was designed to be a fun and innovative place. Anyone can visit. The site features several sections designed to entertain and educate young investors.

KidsBank is a new site designed to teach kids about money and banking. It was developed for Sovereign Bank, and features interactive, cartoon-based tutorials. Good savings habits begin at an early age. By explaining the importance and procedures of savings and banking, KidsBank.Com will de-mystify the process of banking for children and give them the confidence they need to spend and save their money wisely.

Learn how you can take control of your future and get what you want out of life. The Smith Barney Young Investors Network helps you create some strategies and ideas that you should discuss with your parents and begin doing right now to lay the groundwork for pursuing what you want.


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