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ELECTION RESULTS & Links to Candidates' Websites
our endorsement
Statewide -- (click the titles to see latest results, click the candidates to go to their website)
Governor PHIL ANGELIDES we lost
Secretary of State DEBRA BOWEN we WON!
State Controller JOHN CHIANG we WON!
Treasurer BILL LOCKYER we WON!
Attorney General JERRY BROWN we WON!
Insurance Commissioner CRUZ BUSTAMANTE we lost
Board of Equalization, District 4 JUDY CHU we WON!
Congress -- We won back the House AND (provisionally) the Senate!!!
United States Senator DIANNE FEINSTEIN we WON!
U.S. Congress, District 35 MAXINE WATERS we WON!
U.S. Congress, District 36 JANE HARMAN we WON!
U.S. Congress, District 46 JIM BRANDT we lost
State Legislature
State Senate, District 28 JENNY OROPEZA we WON!
State Assembly, District 51 CURREN PRICE we WON!
State Assembly, District 52 MERVYN DYMALLY we WON!
State Assembly, District 53 TED LIEU we WON!
State Assembly, District 54 BETTY KARNETTE we WON!
State Assembly, District 55 LAURA RICHARDSON we WON!
Superior Court Judge, Office 8 DEBORAH SANCHEZ we WON!
Superior Court Judge, Office 18 JOHN GUTIERREZ we lost
Superior Court Judge, Office 102 GEORGE MONTGOMERY we lost
Superior Court Judge, Office 144 JANIS BARQUIST we lost
Water Districts
Water Replenishment District of Southern
California, Board of Directors, Division 1
West Basin Municipal Water District, Division 1 RON SMITH we WON!
West Basin Municipal Water District, Division 2 GLORIA GRAY we WON!
Statewide Measures
Prop. 1A - Transportation Funding YES we WON!
Prop. 1B - Highway Safety, Port Security YES we WON!
Prop. 1C - Housing & Emergency Shelter YES we WON!
Prop. 1D - Kindergarten-University Facilities YES we WON!
Prop. 1E - Disaster, Flood Prevention YES we WON!
Prop. 83 - Sexual Predators (Jessica's Law) YES we WON!
Prop. 84 - Water Quality, Flood Control YES we WON!
Prop. 85 - Waiting Period & Parental Notification Constitutional Amendment NO we WON!
Prop. 86 - Tax on Cigarettes Constitutional Amendment YES we lost
Prop. 87 - Alternative Energy, Tax on Oil Producers Constitutional Amendment YES we lost
Prop. 88 - Education Funding, Property Tax Constitutional Amendment NO we WON!
Prop. 89 - Campaign Public Financing, 0.2% Corporate Tax Increase, Campaign Contribution Limits YES we lost
Prop. 90 - Government Acquisition, Regulation of Private Property Constitutional Amendment we WON!
Los Angeles City Measures
Los Angeles City Measure H - Affordable Housing YES we WON!
Los Angeles City Measure R - Term Limits / Ethics Reform
we lost
other elections of note... Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate
United States Senate JON TESTER we're winning!
United States Senate JIM WEBB we're winning!

FIND YOUR POLLING PLACE! (courtesy of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder)

Problems at your Polling Place? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

If you forgot to mail your Absentee Ballot, you can turn it in to a poll worker at ANY polling place in Los Angeles County before 8:00 PM on election day.

Volunteer to help Get Out The Vote!

VOLUNTEER at our Campaign Headquarters at 730 E. Carson Street, just across from the Carson City Hall!

or at the

Democratic Action Center, 2221 Rosecrans Blvd., Suite 229 in El Segundo, phone (310) 536-0093

and do what you can to help!

or Visit the our other endorsed candidates and Propositions websites.

Setting the record straight on John Kerry's joke...


This "DEBRA BOWEN for SECRETARY of STATE" sign was made by marking four sheets of plain white paper on each side, putting two more sheets double-folded lengthwise in the middle (diagonally) to stiffen the sign, taping them all together on the top and upper sides, and then taping the new sign, in this case, to a well-worn "TED LIEU for ASSEMBLY" sign.

You can do the same for PHIL ANGELIDES, JOHN GARAMENDI, CRUZ BUSTAMANTE, JOHN CHIANG, JIM BRANDT and whichever candidate you'd like to help, or even make a "VOTE DEMOCRATIC TODAY!" sign. You could even tape a sign to the back of your car to remind people to vote today! Every little bit helps!

Watch the documentary "HACKING DEMOCRACY"
on HBO Cable TV this week,
about the fight to expose the ease of manipulating Electronic Voting Machines.

It is airing Tuesday at 6:00AM, 9:00AM (in English & en español), 3:30PM,
6:30PM (in English & en español), 8:45PM and 11:45PM,
and Friday at 3:30PM and 6:30PM
on various HBO channels. Visit your friends if you don't have HBO!
It will be available on "HBO On Demand" starting Monday, election eve.

Better yet, record "HACKING DEMOCRACY" and watch it after helping to get out the vote!


Here is John Kerry's joke about George W. Bush:

I can't over-stress the importance of a great education.
Do you know where you end up if you don't study?
If you aren't smart?
If you're intellectually lazy?
You end up getting us stuck in a war in Iraq.

(When reading the joke, which was in the middle of a string of jokes to warm up the audience, Senator Kerry lost his place and left out the "us." As a result, President Bush and his Press Secretary Tony Snow have been attacking Senator Kerry for the past few days for "disparaging our troops." Maybe George Bush and Tony Snow should spend more of their time attacking Osama bin Laden and the other people who planned 9/11! Never heard them attacking Jay Leno, who flubs a joke nearly every night.)

Here is John Kerry's original response to the White House accusations after Senator Kerry flubbed the joke:

"If anyone thinks that a veteran, someone like me who's been fighting my entire career to provide for veterans, to fight for their benefits, to help honor what their service is; if anybody thinks that a veteran would somehow criticize more than a hundred and forty thousand troops serving in Iraq, and NOT the President, and his people who put them there, they're crazy! It's just wrong. This is a classic GOP, textbook, Republican campaign tactic."

(Thanks to Randi Rhodes of "Air America Radio" for the quotes.)