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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
June 2009

Next Meeting

Manhattan Beach Bread and Bagel
1808 North Sepulveda Boulevard
Manhattan Beach
Wednesday, June 24
7:30 PM

Come and help us select our new officers for the upcoming year starting on July 1.

We'll hear a legislative update from Ted Lieu's Representative Irving Pacheco. Major issues will include the California budget snarl. We are also hoping to have recommendations on upcoming local elections.

Get Involved Now

Forum on Single-Payer Healthcare

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Venice Center for Peace with Justice
and the Arts
2210 Lincoln Boulevard, Venice

Learn why Single Payer is a viable solution to fix our broken health care system and how a Public Option plan in 2009 can be the bridge this country needs to achieve a Single Payer plan in the near future. Be educated on this crucial issue, so you can educate others!

For more information visit the DAC website at democraticactioncenter.org.


Club membership dues are due on June 1, $25.00 per person or $40.00 for two at the same address. Please bring your check to the meeting or mail it to P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278.

Local Democrats Honored

BCDC is proud to announce that two of our members, Edna Murphy and Dency Nelson, have been named Democratic Woman and Man of the Year in our district.

They will be honored at the annual Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Dinner:

Sunday, August 9
6:00 PM
LAX Radisson Hotel

As is our custom, the club will subsidize half the cost of attendance for members. Watch for more details next month.

Oropeza Representative Primitivo Castro spoke at our May meeting about the Senator's support for single-payer health care. Pictured to his right are Harman Representatives Jessica Duboff and Rebecca Kim, the newest member of the Harman team.

By Dency Nelson

This month, my focus in this column will be California Assembly Bill 920 (Huffman), which has just made its way to the Senate floor. AB 920 has as one of its co-authors our own Assemblyman Ted Lieu.

Before going into detail about AB 920, let me take a couple of steps back to explain its importance. I can't imagine that there is anyone reading this column who doesn't understand the benefits of greening our electric grid and moving us away from the burning of fossil fuels and dangerous nuclear power generation. The opportunity for each of us to turn our rooftops into clean, green power generators has been available for over a decade now through the California Solar Initiative and what are known as grid-tied, net-metered, photovoltaic solar panels. Many of us have taken advantage of this initiative, including BCDC President Ray Waters and yours truly. With the installation of a photovoltaic solar-energy system at our

homes, we have been able to generate enough electricity to substantially reduce our monthly electric bills while obtaining that power from a non-polluting and sustainable source, the Sun. State and federal governments have offered financial incentives to reduce the cost of installation, but one important incentive was missing until now.

Many of us have large enough systems and are so frugal in our electricity consumption that our systems produce more electricity than we consume. That extra electricity goes back out onto the grid to be sold to other customers without the owner of that rooftop generator being financially compensated. We can take pride in offering clean electricity for others to use, but up until now the law only demands that the utility companies compensate us down to "net zero." This is where AB 920 comes in.

AB 920 will demand compensation for all electricity generated by rooftop or backyard solar or wind systems. It will move us rapidly toward a truly green grid powered with local, "homegrown"

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Visit our Website at lafn.org/politics/bcdc

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