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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
October 2008

Next Meeting

Tuesday, October 28, 7:30PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

Local Measures

This month we'll hear from Manhattan Beach School Board President Amy Howorth on Proposition BB, a $67.48 million school bond on the ballot. We’re also planning to hear more about Measure DD, the Redondo Beach zoning initiative, along with recent activities at our Democratic Action Center and other venues where local Democrats have been working hard for victory in November.

Odds Favor Democrats


With only 18 days until the election, all the nationwide polls in the last week show Obama holding a lead over McCain ranging from 4% to 14% (see /PollingReport.com/wh08gen.htm/). More interesting and relevant information is found at /FiveThirtyEight.com/, which uses simulations based on state polls to project the outcome of the election, not just the popular vote. As I write this, they are projecting that Obama will garner about 350 electoral votes (270 needed to win), vs. only 186 for McCain. They give Obama a likelihood of winning of 94.7%, with 52.1% of the popular vote to McCain's 46.3%. They also show that the Democrats will probably hold 56 or 57 Senate seats.

Polls are polls, but if you want to wager, the betting odds through online bookies imply that Obama has about an 85% chance of winning, up by over 25% from a month ago.

Save the Date

Our 2008 Holiday Party is now on the calendar! It will be held on Sunday, December 14, at Ray and Carol Waters's beautiful Hermosa Beach home. Details next month.

County Committee Endorsements

1A Safe Reliable Passenger Train Bond Act Yes
2 Stop Cruelty to Farm Animals Yes
3 Children's Hospital Bond Act Yes
4 Put Teens at Risk Act No
5 Non-Violent Offender Rehabilitation Act Yes
6 Ineffective Prison And Crime Reform No
7 Another Costly And Risky Energy Scheme No
8 Don't Eliminate Marriage For Anyone No
9 Misguided And Unnecessary Prison Reform No
10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles & Renewable Energy Bond Neutral
11 Stop Another Political Power Grab No
12 Veterans' Bond Act Of 2008 Yes
R Mass Transit Sales Tax Neutral


Superior Court Judges
72 Hilleri Grossman Merritt
82 Cynthia Loo
84 Lori-Ann C. Jones
94 C. Edward Mack
154 Rocky L. Crabb

Beach Cities Health District
Vanessa Poster
Robert Jay Grossman
Marie L. Corr

Water Replenishment District
Pete Manghera

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