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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
January 2008

Next Meeting
Tuesday, January 22, 7:30PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

We'll be hearing an update on Health Care for All Californians from Sheila Hoff. In addition, we've invited people to speak on the many legislative issues in Sacramento. We're facing a big year; Democratic activism has never been so important. Come and see how you can get involved.

Holiday Cheer

BCDC members enjoyed our annual holiday dinner party at the beautiful Redondo Beach home of Dale and Don Petrulis. Our intrepid auctioneer Lee Fink presided at the White Donkey auction, pulling in fistfuls of dollars for the treasury. More pictures inside.

John Dean Speaks Out on
Broken Government

Local Democrats turned out on November 18 to hear John Dean speak and answer questions about his new book, Broken Government. The event, sponsored by the Palos Verdes Peninsula Democratic Club, drew over 300 attendees. PVPDC's president

flouted the law, taken the country into a disastrous war for which he accepts no responsibility, and stacked the Supreme Court with ideologues. Dean said that if a vacancy occurs on the Court during Bush's tenure, Democrats absolutely must refuse to confirm another far-right Justice.

How did Republicans get away with

Tony Hale kept to the schedule and fielded the audience skillfully so that a large number of attendees could ask their questions.

John Dean described how the Republicans have so abused the political process that they have all but destroyed public

John Dean signed his book and answered more questions after the program.

all this? Dean believes their party consists of authoritarian personalities. If our Party does prevail in 2008, Dean believes they will roll back some of the unprecedented powers that have been appropriated by Bush and Cheney over the past seven years.
confidence in government. Ratings for our Democratically-controlled Congress are lower than those of President Bush. Given public cynicism, the 2008 presidential race is not a shoo-in for the Democratic candidate.

Even prominent Republicans con- sider George W. Bush the worst President in our nation's history. He has

Thus Nancy Pelosi behaved collegially to outgoing House Speaker Dennis Hastert when she took over his office and offered him a similarly spacious one. The good behavior of Democrats in power could turn out to be an advantage if we stay in the majority; retribution would only further damage the government.

We honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on January 21, 2008

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