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Tuesday, May 22, 7:30PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
May 2007

Direct From the Convention

Above: BCDC members at the Convention
dinner organized by the new AD Super Club.
Below, Teresa Bird and Diane Strack outside
the Convention Hall. Lori Geittmann listens to
John Garamendi at the Senior Caucus.
Photos courtesy of Carolyn Waters.
Bottom: Young Hillary fan, photo courtesy
of Vanessa Poster. More photos inside

What a convention!! Everything that could happen happened. First let me say how much I enjoyed seeing and being in the company of such great Democrats from the 53rd ADDC.

The "Good:" All the candidates were awesome in their deliveries, we are lucky to have such a caliber of Presidential candidates (sorry I missed John Edwards' speech). We also got to hear from Nancy Pelosi.

The business of the convention went smoothly enough, but the focus was the upcoming Presidential campaigns.

The "Bad:" Some of our good people were ill, like Lori Geittmann and Shirlee Browne and Marcia and Mark Haskin, and they missed some of the convention. Also, Edna fell and broke her collar bone and she missed the entire convention.

This is my critique and only mine, regarding the SD Convention Hall. It was too dark inside; I missed many friends that I could not see inside. I have been to so many conventions and this hall is not the best. Lots of the fun of going to a Democratic convention is you get to see all of the people you have known down through the years. Ah well! Stop complaining, Teresa!

Now the "Beautiful:" Bobbi Buescher put on a magnificent dinner on Saturday night for the 53rd. The Breakfast with Jenny was also a great event. Thank you Bobbi and Jenny. We had so much fun with all the delegates, especially those from our own district. What a great bunch. I believe we have the best bunch of Dems in the entire state of California.

On a personal note, I want to say a few words about Bobbi's brother Chris. What a guy! He was so helpful to Diane, Bobbi and me when we had to help Edna in her time of need. There are a lot of funny stories we experienced and I'm sure we will share them with all of you. Many, many thanks to you for all you have done as the "best damn Dems in California."

As ever, Teresa

My convention analysis in a nutshell:

I just got back from the State Democratic Convention in San Diego. What an exciting weekend! For once we have a full slate of candidates, each of whom would be a fantastic president. Inspired by my past experiences building gingerbread houses and receiving various awards (i.e. most colorful, most cozy, most romantic) I have decided to bestow similar awards on our Democratic presidential candidates.

Most Presidential: Hillary Clinton

Most Qualified: Bill Richardson

Most Significant Historical Contribution: Mike Gravel (He is the Senator who in 1972 read the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record.)

Most Charismatic: Barack Obama

Most Gorgeous Spouse: Dennis Kucinich

Most Diverse Experience: Chris Dodd

Most Likely to be the Next President of the United States: John Edwards

Vanessa Poster

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