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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
February 2007

Next Meeting

Tuesday, February 27, 7:30PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

The program will include a presentation on proposals for the Redondo Beach AES site by representatives of the South Bay Parkland Conservancy and others. SBPC helps communities and local governments to acquire parklands.

We will also discuss the March 2007 Elections in Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Teresa Bird Honored

Teresa Bird has been named "Woman of the Year" for the 28th Senatorial District by Senator Jenny Oropeza. The California Legislature bestows this yearly honor to outstanding women.

A native Californian, Teresa has held numerous posts over the years from PTA president to office manager for Governor Jerry Brown. She organized a UFW grape boycott at supermarkets in the South Bay and has lobbied the city council on behalf of civil rights, women's rights, and health issues. She worked for Senator Ralph Dills for fifteen years and for John Tunney in his senatorial race. She has worked on special elections for Ruben Ayala, Dick Floyd, Richard Alatorre, and others, and has been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention five times.

Teresa is a founding member of the Beach Cities Democratic Club and the South Bay headquarters. She has three grown children.

Teresa will be honored at a ceremony on March 5th in Sacramento.

With Chuck Norris
in Iraq

Our January meeting featured a slide presentation by Jeff DuClos on his recent trip to Iraq with Chuck Norris. DuClos was formerly a corporate publicist for Norris.

An actor and martial-arts master, Norris is idolized by our service men and women and his image appears everywhere on military property. The

Jeff DuClos presenting a slide show of Chuck Norris's work with the Make a Wish Foundation

photo from Delta Force is used on USO recruitment posters. Soldiers enjoy memorizing and reciting satirical facts from the Chuck Norris Fact Generator, an Internet phenomenon that contains over 600,000 humorous quotes and legends.

DuClos's presentation included many examples of military humor, an essential ingredient for survival in the combat zones.

Last October, the two spent a week traveling around Iraq, where they toured eleven facilities and met with more than 18,000 service members. DuClos noted the prevalence of large weaponry; everyone had at least an

M16 rifle.

Although they did not go into Baghdad, their stops included the Al Asad Air Base and Hadatha Dam, the second largest hydroelectric facility in Iraq. Like much of the country's infrastructure, the dam is non-operational and power comes from gas generators. They also visited the 44th Air Medical Unit, which performs daily acts of heroism.

DuClos was surprised by the number of women Marines he encountered. He played a short video showing scenes of soldiers having fun, engaging in combat, and interacting with Iraqi citizens including children.

Chuck Norris is deeply committed to humanitarian causes and donates much of his time visiting with children for the Make a Wish Foundation.

Political Art
By Diane Strack

Visit our Website at lafn.org/politics/bcdc

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