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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
November 2006

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 28, 7:30 PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

It's About Winning

We will be recapping the election results, so expect lots of gloating! Our speaker isn't confirmed yet but we're planning for an academic perspective. Come share in the winning-Democratic spirit.

This year we'll be enjoying the hospitality of Dale and Ken Petrulis in their beautiful Redondo Beach home.

Saturday, December 10
Time: 5 to 8 PM
607 Ruby
Redondo Beach

Cost: $35 per person. Please bring your check to the November meeting.

RSVP to Edna Murphy at
310-545-6292 or

Stay current on Democratic events at the Democratic Action Center website at: democraticactioncenter.com.


As I do every year, I take this opportunity to thank the people who have contributed and helped with the news- letter. It was sad to see the end of Monroe's wonderful column, which drew in so many readers, but every- body deserves to retire sometime. (Monroe, come back anytime!) Do we have a volunteer to replace him?

President Lee is no slouch of a writer himself, and his column has livened up these pages all year.

We've also enjoyed contributions from Dilip Adarkar, Steven Zucker, and Diane Strack. Tammy Minion and Tony Hale continue to mail the hardcopy issues, Steve to manage the labels and database, and Jim McGreevy to repurpose and post the electronic

version to our excellent BCDC website.

I should tell you that I really need these contributions and more. The newsletter shouldn't reflect just my views, and I'm not always tuned into all the political happenings in our area. I encourage you to write in, share your news, your opinions, your photos, and your correspondence with our public officials.

We sure have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. Democrats rule in both houses of Congress. We have six new Democratic governors, including Massachusetts' first black leader. And wins for most of our endorsements on the California ballot. Let's all share the joy this season and keep up the good work as we head for 2008.

Moira Zucker

Jane Harman and friends enjoyed their most recent Bike at the Beach day Saturday, October 28. Here she is at the Manhattan Beach Pier with Councilman Jim Aldinger. Nick Tell was also present for the occasion.

Visit our Website at lafn.org/politics/bcdc

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