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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
June 2006

Next Meeting

Tuesday, June 27, 7:30 PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

"The Big Buy"

Our June program will feature club elections followed by a screening of Robert Greenwald's new film, "The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress."

With Representative Tom DeLay stepping down from his seat in Congress, the timely film describes DeLay's master plan to create a permanent Republican majority in the US Congress, in part by using illegal corporate contributions to reshape Texas's political landscape. Don't miss this exciting movie!

The slate presented by our nominating committee includes: Lee Fink for president, Ray Waters for vice-president, and Edna Murphy for Treasurer. The position for secretary is still open, as is the membership chair. Club members interested in serving should call Bobbi Buescher.

Volunteer to Help

BCDC expects to be tabling at: Hollywood Riviera Festival, along with Health Care for All and the California Clean Money Campaign Saturday & Sunday, June 24 & 25

Fiesta Hermosa—September 2, 3, 4

Manhattan Beach Old Hometown Fair—October 7 & 8


Dear Club Members:

When I committed to running in the Hermosa Beach Special Election

for City Council, I'll admit that I did so with a sinking feeling inside.

I could not abandon the capital earned as the highest vote getter not elected in November and the 1,800 voters who supported me. But the fund raising tank was on empty and I had no more savings to kick start it again. Whatever I raised would not enable me to spend at a level with the other candidates, especially Kit Bobko. After all, Hermosa Beach was forced into this election for the sole purpose of getting him elected.

To win, I had to rely on the help of others to get my message out. And you, the members of the Beach Cities Democratic Party Club did just that— stood up to help. It is why I am so incredibly proud of the campaign we ran. Together, we created an old-fashioned grassroots effort. We ran a small town campaign based on real, tangible things that impact residents and neighborhoods. We offered plans to move the community forward and a sincere commitment to carry them out.

But in the end, I could not overcome Fred Huebscher's tactics and Michael Keegan's $120,000 in mailings and misinformation.

My decision to run for office, in

part, was based on a desire to participate in what I believed was a political awakening in our country. I wanted to be a part of a rising within the Democratic party of the fundamental principles that once so clearly defined it. In the wake of this primary election, I believe the great gift of our democracy— the right to choose—has been further corrupted and marginalized in our state and in our communities. Democrats, as well as Republicans, have contributed to the continued slide.

For me, it feels like a personal injury, like someone who has had something important stolen from them; someone who knows the thief, but has no recourse. And I'm not just referring to my election experience, but a greater sense of a loss of optimism and the commitment to fair play across the political spectrum.

Many of you may feel the same way.

What we see so offends our sense of morality and what is right, we want to turn away from it all. But once we get over these feelings, we need to do what all effective activists do. We need to act.

And, in my case, it will be to commit myself to working more with the Beach Cities Democratic Club and with you, the people I respect and whose values I share.

For working with you and getting to know you has been a better outcome that I could have ever imagined in this campaign.

Thank you one and all.


Dues are payable for the new 2006-07 year on July 1. According to the bylaws, members who pay in March are paid-up for the upcoming year.

The Annual LA County Democratic Party FDR dinner is to be held on June 25 at 5:30 at the Hollywood Palladium.

This year's honorees for Democratic Woman and Man of year are Denise Moehlman and Ray Waters. Congratulations to both!

Visit our Website at lafn.org/politics/bcdc

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