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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
May 2006

Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 23, 7:30 PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

Our speaker will be Jim Brandt, Fighting Democrat and candidate for the House of Representatives, 46th Congressional District against Dana Rohrabacher.

Mr. Brandt is an educator and software engineer, and the founder and CEO of Pyramid Software. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from USC and was a captain and pilot in the US Marine Corps. He is regional vice chair of the LA County Democratic Party.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sign up for booth duty at the Hermosa Beach Memorial Day Fiesta!

May 27, 28 & 29
10 AM – 6 PM

Contact Barbara Blum or Peggy Carter if you can help.

Save the date!
Manhattan Beach Old Hometown Fair

October 7 & 8

BCDC needs volunteers both days.


We will hold Club elections in June. The nominating committee will present its proposed slate in May. If you would like to run for a club position or nominate someone, be sure to come to the May meeting.

Dues are payable for the new 06-07 year on July 1. According to the bylaws, members who pay in March are paid-up for the upcoming year.

Candidates’ Forum

Democrats came from all over the south bay to hear candidates in a well organized forum held at the UFCW hall in Harbor City on April 22. The program was officiated in turn by Don Dear, Lee Fink, and Jim Brandt.

Some highlights:


Steve Westly—Favors the Massachusetts health care program mandating employers coverage, and going after tax cheats instead of raising taxes.

Phil Angelides—Would roll back the $17 Billion tax break for the wealthiest Californians, and supports drivers’ licenses for undocumented workers.


John Chiang—Supports reproductive choice and would fight back against excessive corporate tax breaks and oil company profits.

Board of Equalization:

Jerome Horton—An “Old Party

to the insurance companies and forced payment to victims of the Holocaust. He supports gay marriage, saying “separate but equal” is unequal.

Liz Figueroa—Worked on Healthy Families, and stood up on the Senate floor to defend marriage equality.

Attorney General:

Rocky Delgadillo—Pro-choice. Believes Three Strikes is useful but needs reform. He has taken on gangs and gun-dealers and started anti-truancy program Operation Bright Future.

Jerry Brown—Also pro-choice, strong environmental record. Stood up against the Iraq invasion on Fox news. Supported impeachment of Richard Nixon two years early. On Three Strikes: tough on crime, but supports training, reentry, and rehabilitation.

Secretary of State:

Debra Bowen—Dedicated to Clean Money, and emphasized she wants government to spend time working for the people instead of raising money.

Democrat” who opposed the Iraq war; wants to bring the troops home.

Judy Chu— Authored legislation to close tax loopholes, has a 100% environmental scorecard.

Lt. Governor:

Jackie Speier— Forced the governor to return steroid money. An activist on the issue of gay marriage.

John Garamendi— Stood up

2006 State Party Convention
Lori Geittmann, Mayor Jim Dear, Ray Waters, Diane Strack, Jim Aldinger, and Shirlee Browne at the California Democratic Party Convention in Sacramento April 28 - 30. Highlights included Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico as the honored guest at the Convention dinner on Saturday, and Senator Max Cleland, former US Senator from Georgia, who spoke on Sunday. Photo courtesy of Diane Strack.

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