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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
November 2005

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 22, 7:30PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

"Putting the 2005 Election in Perspective – An Academic View"

Our November speaker will be Seth Hill. Mr. Hill is a graduate student in Political Science at University of California at Los Angeles with a focus on American politics. He has worked for the polling firm Polimetrix.

He will put some features of the 2005 Special Election in perspective and offer insight into where the Democratic Party should be going as it works to take back the Governor's mansion and the White House.

Save the Date

Our annual holiday party is targeted for December 4 and will be held at Ray Waters's home. We're planning to hold the price of admission at last year's rate of $35 per person, although this will not quite cover the cost.

We'll also hold our traditional White Donkey auction, so save your valuable giveaways! It'll help defray costs and feed our treasury for next year's election.

Watch your mail for an invitation.

Dues Alert

Many, many BCDC members are still overdue with their 2005-06 dues. Please stay with the club and make your payment today, or at the November meeting. It's our year!

October Program Recap

What Fundamentalists Want

Our October speaker was Reverend John Morehouse, minister of the Pacific Unitarian Church in Palos Verdes. Reverend Morehouse comes from an activist background and said he once bailed his father out of jail for civil disobedience.

Morehouse said that religious fundamentalism is a problem all over the world. He referred to the 19th Century atheist Robert Ingersoll, who famously remarked that God retired from politics after the Declaration of Independence was signed. But now, Morehouse said, God has taken a front seat.

His talk focused on the hallmarks of Christian fundamentalism. The religious right and the fundamentalists are not the same, although their agendas may overlap. All members of the religious right are fundamentalists, but not all evangelicals have a right wing political agenda. The Reverend Jim Wallace is an example of a progressive evangelical, liberal on social issues but conservative on abortion.

Fundamentalism arose as a response to secularism, which is viewed as a threat to the Christian way of life. Fundamentalists believe that humanity is going the way of the devil and want to return America to its "Christian foundations." Thus the founding five years ago of Patrick Henry College in Virginia, whose mission is to train a new generation of Christian politicians. Fundamentalists believe that what's at stake is not just political power but salvation itself. Their goal is to save as many souls as possible before the end of days. Their priorities are focused not in this world but in the next. Tradi-

From the Editor

BCDC does not publish a December issue, so this is it for 2005. You'll be receiving an invitation to our holiday party and the usual emails if you're on that list.

This is my opportunity to thank my contributors: Lee Fink for his great column, Monroe Weinstock for his great column, Steve Zucker for the occasional great article and of course the mailing labels. Jim McGreevy for his constant help and for putting up our newsletter on the website. Diane Strack has provided pleasing graphic artwork, a new and most welcome addition. Tammy Minion and Tony Hale handle the monthly mailing, a very big task these days. It continues to be a pleasure to work with all of you.

I want to make sure everybody knows this is your newsletter, not mine. I encourage you to send me articles, letters, and commentary, and space permitting, I'll print them. Space usually permits. It will make BCDC a more interesting and useful newsletter if you contribute.

I wish all of you a cheery holiday. There's an election year coming up; let's stick together.

Moira Zucker

Lori Geittman with October speaker Reverend John Morehouse.

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