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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
November 2004

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 23, 7:30 PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

Looking Ahead

This month’s meeting will reflect on the election, but our emphasis is on the future with our local races coming up in March. We are inviting our Democratic candidates for a discussion of their races.

Save the Date

Our annual Holiday Party will be on Sunday, December 12. We’ll have our traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Details to follow.

The Outcome

Good News and Bad News


We all know the bad news: Bush won the presidency nationally with 286 electoral votes to Kerry’s 252. He also took 51.3% of the popular vote, to Kerry’s 48.3%. Nader received only a paltry 0.3%, partly due to his not making it on the ballot in some states including California. If it’s any consolation, Kerry won 54.4% of the California vote and 62.8% of the Los Angeles County vote.

The good news begins with the electoral contests in California and especially in our area. The detailed results are shown in the following tables. In summary, the Democrats kicked butt in all but one race, and that one, Rohrabacher (R) vs. Brandt (D) wasn’t

The Face of Concern — At the Manhattan Beach Marriott, Kerry supporters grew anxious as the numbers came in on CNN. There was no way to party as initially optimistic exit polls turned against the Democratic candidate.

America, Sweet America

Any Democrat who feels cheerful this season is living in an alternate reality. No, the mood of the day is concern if not outright gloom — but still, the Democratic Club lives on. Not only do we have each other, but our Party is bigger and stronger than ever. It’s just that the other Party is also big and strong, and they got out even more votes than we did in an unprecedented GOTV effort.

Well, better pundits than I are telling this story, so I’m here to thank my faithful newsletter contributors for their work this extraordinary past year. I start with our splendid president Bobbi, who not only energized droves of local Democrats as never before, but wrote her elegant column for BCDC every month no matter how busy she was. Monroe’s witty corner continues to liven things up and attract readers. Marge Winston still handles the mailing even though it quadrupled for awhile — and of course, Steve does whatever is needed, from managing the email side to proofreading and writing copy.

Please remember that we don’t publish a newsletter in December. But we’re partying just the same; there’s some information about our holiday get-together in these pages and you’ll receive more next month.

Friends, don’t let the false patriotism of the far right get you down. Indeed, America lost a great, great man this year—Ray Charles! Next time you want to feel good about our country, just go listen to his version of “America the Beautiful.” I guarantee it will lift your spirits high.

Happy holidays to all of you, and to Democrats everywhere.

Moira Zucker

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