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P.O. Box 2192, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
November 2002

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 26, 7:30 PM
David K. Hayward Center
2000 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach

Don’t give up! It’s a pretty bleak picture for Democratic activists at the moment—but at least we can have a lively discussion about it. This month, we bring you Jim Stanbery, professor of political science at Harbor College. Jim will speak on “Prospects For the Future of the Democratic Party in the Coming Realignment of Political Coalitions in the 21st Century.”

Jim is a learned and engaging speaker. He is past president of the faculty at Harbor and of the United Nations Association. His resume also includes Peace Corps service in the Philippines and a runoff for Los Angeles City Council.

Holiday Party Scheduled

Mark your calendars now so you won’t forget to attend our holiday party. It will be held on Sunday, December 15. You’ll soon receive an invitation with the time and location. Start looking for a “white donkey” item, or two, to donate to the auction.


As I do every year, I want to remind you that the newsletter takes the month of December off. I’ll be back with a January issue. To understate the matter, this has been an eventful year for Democrats—and for anyone remotely interested in the state of the nation. However, I think our club just keeps getting better: we raise more money, we bring in more new and active members, we go places and make ourselves known. It’s my goal to reflect these achievements in the newsletter and I’ve had lots of help.

I want to thank my excellent correspondents, without whom I couldn’t do this job: Bobbi Buescher, our new president who is also a fine writer; Monroe Weinstock, who also keeps getting better; Lori Geittmann, herself a genuine journalist; Steve Zucker, who contributes reviews and articles that help keep things interesting. I also get good items from Shirlee Browne, Dilip Adarkar, and Teresa Bird, and help of many kinds from Jim McGreevy, who also posts the newsletter on our website. Of course, Mary Lou Elsner and her husband Stan are there for me every month to get it mailed promptly. I encourage the rest of you to contribute. The broaderbased our coverage, the better. I wish all of you a cheery holiday.

Moira Zucker

BCDC members were out in force at the Harman/Nakano headquarters in the days before the election. Here, members and Nakano staffer Angela Davison prepare last-minute mailings to undecided voters.

BCDC Contacts

Bobbi Buescher—310-545-xxxx

Bob Bohner—310-546-xxxx

Shirlee Browne—310-798-xxxx

Moira Zucker—310-546-xxxx

Mary Lou Elsner—310-542-xxxx

Web Manager
James McGreevy—310-320-xxxx

Bob Barnwell—310-371-xxxx

ADA Mourns
Paul Wellstone


The world has lost a passionate fighter. Senator Paul Wellstone was the liberal leader of the Senate and a champion for those who could least defend themselves. The American people, the Senate, and the State of Minnesota have lost one of the best and brightest. He was a defender of peace, advocate for mental health care, and crusader against violence against women. He always fought for what he believed was right without regard for political consequences. The nation lost a treasure when Senator Wellstone died. We at Americans for Democratic Action have lost a friend and are devastated. Our thoughts and prayers go to Mark and David Wellstone and their families.

Senator Wellstone served as ADA President from 1991-1993. Anyone wishing to send a message to family can do so by emailing adaction@ix.

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