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Mission Statement

The Biofeedback Society of California is the oldest and largest state biofeedback society. It is an open forum for the exchange of ideas, methods, clinical experience, and results of biofeedback and applied psychophysiology and related disciplines. The emphasis of the Society is on clinical application and scientific research and provides local networking, educational meetings and referral services. Specifically the main objectives are to: 1) Advance biofeedback and applied psychophysiology in educational, scientific, clinical and personal growth areas of development, 2) Educate professionals and the public, 3) Develop practice standards and ethics, 4) Provide criteria concerning who may apply biofeedback and under what circumstances, 5) Provide peer review, and 6) Provide standards for the evaluation and certification of individuals engaged in the application of biofeedback. The Society was the first biofeedback organization to offer professional certification.

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Membership and Roster

Membership in the Society exists in four categories: Full Member, Full Time Student, Supporting Member, and Honorary Member. Full Membership is for those who have practiced biofeedback for one or more years and who are licensed or BSC certified or who meet California requirements for their profession where required. Full Members are eligible to vote and hold office in the Society. Supporting Membership is for those individuals interested in biofeedback, those living outside of California, and for corporate bodies. All members receive the newsletter California Biofeedback as well as other literature and mailings.

Membership Roster by Zip Codes Membership Roster by Names

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Membership Services

Membership benefits include: BSC's outstanding quarterly publication California Biofeedback, discounts at the Annual Convention and regional meetings/seminars, eligibility to apply for BSC Biofeedback Certification and Re-certification, listing in the BSC membership referral directory with areas of specialties, networking with others in a multi-professional organization, liaison with state and national associations, continuing education credit for biofeedback practitioners and other professions, monitoring of state legislation related to biofeedback, providing policy recommendations, professional support with insurance and managed care, eligibility to join a regional referral service connected to the BSC 800 telephone number, eligibility to participate on a committee of the Society, and an opportunity to promote the field of biofeedback through a combined effort.

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Description of Biofeedback

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a therapeutic technique using sensitive instruments to measure, amplify and provide feedback on physiological responses. It is scientific fact that thoughts and emotions influence our physiological response. Most of us are unaware of the subtle ways in which our bodies respond to our thoughts and emotions. Now it is possible to observe the connection between the two. Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner using biofeedback instrument, an individual can learn to apply self-regulation skills to influence their body in more healthful and efficient ways.

What problems can be treated by Biofeedback?

Biofeedback has been found helpful by researchers and clinicians to help in the treatment of stress related illnesses, rehabilitation, neurological processing disorders and in the development of athletic and performance skills. The stress related disorders treated with biofeedback include headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, motion sickness, chronic pain, myofascial pain, jaw pain, reduced peripheral blood flow and insomnia. Biofeedback is also an effective approach to neuromuscular re-education and rehabilitation for symptoms related to injury, stroke and incontinence. Neurofeedback, a biofeedback technique which monitors brain waves, has been found to be an effective treatment for epilepsy, attention deficit/hyperactivity as well as addictive behaviors such as alcoholism. Biofeedback instruments adapted for sports training or work site interventions provide athletes or workers with the ability to refine their skills and efficiency and improve body mechanics.

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Conferences and Workshops

 Biofeedback Society of California 25th Annual Convention

November 12, 13 & 14, 1999

 Valencia Hyatt, Valencia California
  * Exciting Keynotes * Special Panels * Short Courses * CEU's will be available *
All this and at a great price!

EEG/Neurofeedback; Peak Performance, Arts and Imagination; New Technologies; Treatment Issues; Applications in Education; Professional Training; Pain Management; Working with an Aging Population; Behavioral Disorders, and much, much more.

Naras Bhat, David Bressler, Bill Coby, Jeff Cram, Dick Gevirtz, David Hubbard, Steve Kassel, Michael Linden, Jayne Moynihan, Sigfried Othmer, Susan Othmer, Erik Peper, Ira Rosenberg, David Rosenboom, Steve Sideroff, Barry Sterman, Hershel Toomin, Ray Varlinski, Linda Vergerra, Steve Wall, Marcie Zinn and many others.

Contact ba588@lafn.org or the BSC Office for more information.


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Recordings of Past Conferences



Biofeedback Society of California 24th Annual Convention

Monterey Hilton, Monterey California

November 13, 14, 15, 1998


Highlights of the conference included:

Ian Wickramasekera, PhD "Primary Care and Complimentary Medicine"; Joel Lubar, PhD "QEEG and Effectiveness of Stimulant Medications on ADD/HD"; Richard Gevirtz, PhD, Special Presentation;
Panel Presentations: "Clinical Applications of Neurofeedback Training" - Gary Schummer, Joel Lubar, Siegfried Othmer; "Survival Skills for Private Practice" - Steve Kassel, Bill Coby, LaWana Heald, Kris Sharp; "RSA" - Ira Rosenberg; "Biofeedback in Psychotherapy, Counseling and Family Therapy" - Hugh Baras, Marjorie Toomim, Steve Kassel. Select BSC Conference 98  for conference details or ordering tapes.


Biofeedback Society of California 23rd Annual Convention
November 14, 15, 16, 1997
Orange County Airport Hilton (Newport Beach)
Irvine, California

Highlights of the conference included:

Lawrence Cahil, PhD, Enrichment Speaker; Get emotionally aroused: It's good for making memories Gary Schwartz, PhD, Invited Speaker; Love, energy and health: Dynamic energy systems and 21st century biofeedback Ronald Ley, PhD; Keynote Speaker; Pavlovian and operant control of breathing behavior: Implications for treatment. LaWana Heald; Special presentation: New CPT codes for biofeedback: An update and guidelines for use.Special Panel Topics: Applied respiratory psychophysiology and capnography, Emerging '97 neurofeedback (EEG), Assessment and treatment of chronic pain and repetitive strain injury, Behavior and stress management. Plus 21 Short courses covering topics of self-regulation, clinical applications, worksite interventions, reimbursement, and research. Select BSC Conference 97 for conference details or tape ordering information.

Biofeedback Society of California 22nd Annual Convention
November 8, 9 ,10, 1996
Embassy Suites, South San Francisco, California

Biofeedback as the Innernet? Clever, but increasingly appropriate. As we all enter the cyberspace age, biofeedback looms ever larger as a role player in societal health. This 22nd BSC Convention proudly underscored the importance of biofeedback and self-regulation in that role.

Highlights of the conference included:

Thomas Mulholland, PhD; Behavioral stillness: A therapeutic context for biofeedback. Marian Diamond, PhD; Enrichment and the cerebral cortex: A review and what's new. Robert Sapolsky, PhD; Why zebras don't get ulcers. A colloquium on the future of EEG biofeedback featuring Barry Sterman, PhD, Thomas Mulholland, PhD, Joe Kamiya, PhD, Michael Linden, PhD, and Sigfried Othmer, Phd. David Mars, PhD; Frontiers in Biofeedback Capnography. Plus short courses relating to applied psychophysiology. Select BSC Conference 96 for conference details or tape ordering information.

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Other Biofeedback Resources

The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), founded in 1969 (as the Biofeedback Research Society and later known as the Biofeedback Society of America), currently numbers over 1,900 professionals interested in applied psychophysiology and biofeedback. The organization is interdisciplinary representing the fields of psychology, psychiatry, physical rehabilitation, dentistry, nursing, education, and others. Interests range from clinical to research.

The Society for Neuronal Regulation (SNR) is a membership organization comprised of several hundred professionals who do neurofeedback training and research. Today, EEG biofeedback or Neurofeedback is the most commonly used form of neuronal regulation, but it is often used in conjunction with various other forms of biofeedback as well as other professional services.

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Information and Referrals

Board of Directors of the Biofeedback Society of California

For information regarding a specific subject please contact one of the Board Members listed below:

Steven C. Kassel, MFCC President    Lillian Marcus, MFCC Membership 
Thomas G. Brown, MA Past-President    Rick Harvey, MA Conference Program 
Hugh Baras, PhD Academic Affairs    Kathleen (Kitty) Allen, BA Public Relations 
Pam Jorgenson, RN Continuing Education    Wayne Henkleman, MFCC Regional Meetings 
Janet Z. Giler, PhD Ethics and Peer Review    Bill Coby, PhD AAPB Council of Chapters Representative 
Gary S. Godshall, MS Finance and Internet    LaWana Heald, BA Executive Director
Jeffrey Cram, PhD Instrumentation and Newsletter       


Home Office

For further information or referrals contact us at:

The Biofeedback Society of California
PO Box 4384, Huntington Beach, CA 92605-4384
California: (800)272-6966 or (714)848-0022
Phone outside California: (714)848-0022
Email: ba588@lafn.org

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