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Entertaining out of town guests?  Need to get out of town yourself?  If you want to travel by land, sea, air or just by surfing, this is a great starting point.  Whether it is a place to stay or a quick getaway that you are in search of, hopefully these pages will be helpful.


Company arrives and now it is time to show them the town.  This page will help you get information on all the usual attractions, and perhaps a few you hadn't thought of.  If you don't have company in town, then it is the perfect time to just get out and enjoy some of these offerings for yourself.  You can think of it as research.

By Land

If you don't like to fly or just find other methods of travel more convenient, cost effective or interesting, this page may be of use to you.  Travel by train or bus, or plan a road trip in your own vehicle or a rental.  Biking and hiking work better on land too.

By Sea

There are a wide variety of ways to float through your vacation.  Lets explore some of the options.   Whether you want to use the water to reach your destination, or the water is your destination, this page can help get your feet wet.

By Air

Since all that flapping makes your arms tired, a little information on airports and airlines might make your flight a little easier.  You can make flight reservations and purchase your tickets online with many carriers, and some even offer internet specials.


Sometimes you really need a break, but don't have a lot of time.  There are plenty of places a hop skip and a jump away (or at least a short drive) where you can relax on a mini-vacation.  Along with the Southern California destinations, there is also Las Vegas information in case a little excitement is what you need during your quick getaway.


You know how to get there, but you need a place to stay.  Whether you want a grand resort, an inexpensive motel, or a charming bed and breakfast, there are plenty with information on the web.  Many even offer online reservations.  Of course there are also the local listings in case you have more people visiting than you have room for.

Helpful Hints

Other useful information to make your travels less stressful.  Travel tips and guides, currency exchange, roadside assistance and other information to help smooth the way.
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