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Media / me"di*a /, n. 1. a pl. of medium. 2. the media, the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, etc., that reach or influence very large numbers of people.

-The Random House Dictionary


Talk shows, weather, traffic, news, and lots of music, Los Angeles offers a wide variety of radio stations and radio personalities. This page can link you to many of the greater Los Angeles area radio stations that have homes on the web. Some of these local stations (as well as many other stations worldwide) have broadcasts you can actually listen to online.

Radio B92 ---- Independent Voice of Yugoslavia RadioB92 Online The Voice of Freedom Broadcasting on the Internet from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.


TV stations, TV shows, TV networks. Television is big business in Los Angeles and big entertainment almost everywhere. This page will help you access information concerning one of America's favorite pastimes with links to local television stations, cable providers, and various networks, as well as television schedules.


These are all newspapers are available off-line (the kind that turns your fingers black). The concentration is on newspapers concerning the Greater Los Angeles area of course, but are some national newspapers listed, and many of the newspapers from throughout California in case you are looking for news from our neighbors. Some have the full content available online, others only partial or altered content.


Like the newspapers, these are all magazines that are available off-line (they probably don't turn your fingers black, instead choosing to spit little subscription cards out at you). The list focuses on magazines with local interest, but also includes many of the big national and special interest magazines. Most contain only partial or altered content, some are available by online subscription.

Etc. (Online Publications)

The catchall "etc." for those periodicals that are only available as online publications. You can use the print option on your own computer but you won't be able to buy it at your local newsstand. Obviously every web page is an "online publication" but this will aim at regular interval publication sites. (in the vernacular, stuff that belongs in the Media Center and didn't quite fit in the other categories)


Since all these avenues of communication do reach and affect so many people, here are some links concerning media ethics, in case you are interested.

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