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"There are actually THREE things in life that you can count on --- Death, Taxes, and Learning"

I have increased the number of links to our California schools tremendously but am looking for more . . . if you have a school web site that is not already on the list (Elementary School, Junior High / Middle School, High School) please inform me of your school's web address by emailing the Education Center.

I am also looking for any of YOUR favorite Internet links to add to my growing list. The links that I have found so far are only ones that I thought might be of interest but I REALLY NEED to hear from the people that use this Interest Center about what THEY might find interesting, so that I can share it with the rest of the world. Please email me with your suggestions ! ! !

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Knowledge is gained by asking those around you (Wisdom is gained by listening). Please let me know of any Educational Web Sites that you would like to see added or links that do not work properly. I am always looking to improve this web site and since learning never stops, so too shall this collection. Send your suggestions to Education.

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