Los Angeles Urban League Business Development & Information Technology Center

			110  South  La Brea  Avenue, 3rd floor
			Inglewood, CA  90301
			310.419.8745  voice
			310.419.8755  fax
			ap281@lafn.org  e-mail


	The Business Development & Information Technology Center is unique
resource for the African American and minority business communities.  If
you're in business or thinking about going into business, the Center can
help you better realize your entrepreneurial goals. 

We're Here To Help You !!

	* Increasing Your Knowledge and Expanding Your Network
	* A Road Map To Achieving Your Goals
	* Giving You The Competitive Edge
	* Partnering With You For Change

Tools For Success

	* Advocacy
	* Outreach, Intake and Referral
	* General Counseling and Assessment
	* Procurement, Capital and Business Development
	* Market Research and Merchandising
	* Computer Training and Consultation
	* Promotions and Customer Relations
	* Human Resources
	* Entrepreneur Training
	* Merger and Acquisition/Franchise Development
	* Current Business Issues Conferences



$100 individual membership will provide additional services and
opportunities including:

	- Access to Conference Facilities
	- Discounted Special Seminars
	- Sign-Out Privileges on Selected Publications and Business 
Opportunity Information


$200 business membership offers the full range of programs, services and 

	- Access to Market Research
	- Operations Assessment
	- Computer Training for You and Your Employees
	- Access to Procurements, Specifications, and Selected Publications
	- Procurement Fax-On-Demand Information Publications
	- Discounted Seminars and Workshops
	- Access to Conference Rooms (based on availability)

For More Information

Please telephone or e-mail our office and schedule an appointment with 
our management staff.
	voice:  310.419.8745  
	e-mail:  ap281@lafn.org

Business Development Staff:

Ms. Lynne Joy Rogers, Director

Mr. Farid Haqq, Manager of Business Development and Financial Services

Mr. Jesse L. Tyler, Jr., Manager of Entrepreneur Services

Ms. Anne Washington, Intake Specialist

Ms. Gracie Carey, Receptionist 

For More Information, mail to the Urban League Business Development & Information Technology Center ap281@lafn.org