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  • Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
  • The latest U.S. State Department travel advisories for just about any country you're interested in visiting. The advisories provide background information about current U.S. relations with a particular country. Unfortunately, this information does not necessarily apply to foreign nationals, though it can be used as a guide. There is also information about medical facilities, crime, currency regulations, drug penalties, and embassy locations.
  • Hot Zones
  • When the news story must be told, no matter what the risks, Hot Zones can provide traveling correspondents with life-saving information about the world's most hazardous regions. This service, offered by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, includes insight on health and safety precautions, telecommunications facilities, key phone numbers, and recommended readings for survival. Regions covered at this site range from Bosnia and Cambodia to Kenya and Tajikistan.
  • Links on Infectious Diseases
  • Whats happening in International Travel.
  • LA Free-Net Travel Center
  • Here is the information you need if you are planning a trip.
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